Sourcing and Localization

Sourcing & localisation

As a complete partner to our Customers, our sourcing department has built up a broad network of suppliers for a huge variety of products that are produced to expected quality.  We believe not to always strive for perfect quality at any cost, but to the right quality for the price. As we are positioned in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta, most of our suppliers are located in the surrounding area, which enables us to quickly respond to any issues that might arise. We know it is hard to procure from Sweden in China, therefore we offer advice on how to make specifications or drawings so that the finished product is what the customer expects. For new products, we offer advice and product reviews so that the product is designed for production here in China. We also give suggestions on localizing material, tolerances and method.

Before a supplier is introduced into our supplier network, we make a two-step evaluation based on its capabilities and potential, then usually our Supplier Quality Engineers (SQEs) conducts inspections on site for further evaluation.

A supplier can only receive drawings or specifications after it has passed the evaluations and signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with Exir. The drawings and specifications are all sent through our document control system, which logs the revisions, date and the sender. This to ensure that the supplier always has the latest drawings and most importantly, that our customer’s intellectual properties are protected.