Production & Quality Assurance

In our modern production facilities we check, assemble and test our partner’s products to their expected functionality and quality.

Exir China has extensive experience from producing European products in China for different markets and within different industries. With this in-depth manufacturing knowledge on how to produce, optimize and successfully launch your products, we strive for a seamless partnership with our customers. Exir China should be considered our partners’ Chinese production facility and our employees, their Chinese co-workers. Walking into our facilities should be like walking in to your regular Swedish factory, but with Chinese workers.

The permanent Swedish management in place in the factory is able to bridge the usual difficulties such as language and cultural barriers. The Swedish management also ensures a Swedish work environment so that our co-workers better understand our Nordic customers’ expectations and mindsets.

During volume production, IQA (Incoming Quality Assurance) is a natural part in our quality assurance, and to ensure the quality of the complete product we have a number of on-line inspectors to check the production and the product during operations to avoid unnecessary disturbances.

The final product is then tested to check that it fulfills our partners’ functional requirements. Whenever possible, we develop the test-system in house so that the results and the performance data are collected and stored in our own database. This way we can easily access it for analysis and follow-ups.