Opening Ceremony

"Cutting the ribbon during the inauguration of Exir's new factory in Wuxi, China, are Jan Löfving, CEO Exir group, Curt Forsman and Hans Lundgren, Jonas Idsäter, owner Exir group, Lars Andreasson, Consul-general at the Swedish consulate in Shanghai, and Sean Zhu, Vice Director, Wuxi New District Government."

Exir inaugurates factory in China

Thu / June 5 / 2008

"It is fantastic to be able to participate and see what's happening in China today", says Lars Darvall,  General Manager of Exir China. "Exir took the first step into China years ago and now we can inaugurate a cutting edge factory with 43 employees, with the aim of continuing growth," he continues.

The plant will mostly be used for contract manufacturing, subassembly, and final assembly. But in addition, the operation includes machining and sales of telecommunications and broadcasting equipment.

Exir's industrial expertise and strategic positioning when it comes to manufacturing provides our customers with great opportunities to produce efficiently, with the right quality, and at the right price.

"Working and living in China is different compared to Sweden. Cultural clashes and misunderstandings come easily. We have learned this now and it is an asset to our customers, because they can talk to a supplier who can handle Scandinavian and as well as Chinese conditions", Mr. Darvall concludes.