New factory

Exir inaugurates a new factory in China

Fri / June 17 / 2011

- I feel very exiting that we after these few years now opening a new factory where we have better opportunity to grow with our current and future Customers, says Lars Darvall, General Manager for Exir China. The old facilities where too small and physical divided into two facilities. It will be great to have all staff "under" one roof.

- It's really inspiring to inaugurate a new factory in China, says Jonas Idsäter, Owner of Exir. We were very crowded in our old facilities with increasing production we had the positive problem of being forced elsewhere.

- The new office is 8500 m2 whereof more than 7000 m2 is production area. This is about four times the old factory space which gives us the opportunity to grow with present Customers but it also allows us to accept new clients. We are currently in the final negotiations with a company on a new and interesting production.

- The Company is today handling both mechanics and electronics in combination. We have over the past years built up a broad supply chain that covers our needs of different components.
The inauguration was celebrated, April 6th inspired by the Chinese culture and traditions. The celebrations had representatives from the company's largest customers, whom participated along with representatives from Chinese Authorities and companies, representatives of Exir, Board of Directors, managers and staff.