Exir Wuxi

About Exir

Exir is a Swedish full contract manufacturing company operating on the global market. The business provides production services by manufacturing and delivering complete products to our Customers. Our strength is to help companies lower their production costs meanwhile improving their product quality through long-term cooperation’s.

Exir is a family owned company with roots and values from Småland, Sweden. Since 2006, the operation is located in an established subcontracting area outside of Shanghai, to have direct access to the production advantages that China offers. In Wuxi, Exir has its own assembly factory of 8500 m2 with primary focus of sourcing, manufacturing and product development. Today the company has a turnover of about 100 million SEK and 110 employees.

Since the start-up, the main focus has been to fulfill our Customer’s needs regarding flexibility, delivery precision and quality. To achieve the vision, we have implemented quality related registrations, internal processes and certifications. Our Swedish management in China ensures that the operation maintains efficient processes that meet the western specifications and requirements.

To conclude, Exir offers a full contract manufacturing service where the Customer will benefit from Chinese production advantages without compromising with their needs. Our vision is to be your long-term First Choice Partner.