Lars Nordlander

Lars Nordlander, Exir Wuxi General Manager

A word from our GM

At Exir, we realized early on that globalization meant new challenges for smaller industrial companies in Sweden. If we wanted to grow, we had to accept the challenges and set-up in Low Cost Countries (LCC). However, China as a country is different and hard to understand, not to mention that an establishment here is a huge commitment in terms of time and money.

We have operated in Wuxi, China, since March 2006, however, our Swedish management team have more than 20 years of China experience. We have built a modern assembly factory with an extensive supplier base within many different industries. We have proven to ourselves and our surroundings that with our well-defined processes, we are able to transfer and localize any type of products from the Western world to China. Today we are operating within segments such as Meditech, Industrial Machines, Home Appliances, Agriculture, Automotive, Telecom and Broadcasting.

In 2009 we added Product Development and Design to our business scope. We have today successfully completed several projects where we have helped our Customers upgrading their current product lines or developed complete new product groups.

We feel confident in the solid foundation of this company to continue to grow here in China. We know that we can offer unique value adding services for your company so join us and let us become Your First Choice Partner!